Who Mislaid My Wife? DVD

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Who Mislaid My Wife? DVD

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Cattivi pensieri 1976 ITALY Ugo Tognazzi, Edwige Fenech, Piero Mazzarella, Paolo Bonacelli



  • Directed by Ugo Tognazzi
  • Starring Ugo Tognazzi, Edwige Fenech, Paolo Bonacelli, Piero Mazzarella
  • Written by Enzo Jannacci, Antonio Leonviola

Who Mislaid My Wife? (1976) -- Mario Marani is a well-respected lawyer in late 70s Milano. He and his wonderful wife Francesca have an intense high social life. But Mario has a problem. He is obsessed by bad thoughts (cattivi pensieri); he is always concerned about his wife, thinking continuously to be betrayed by her. It is a nightmare, every time Mario sees Francesca talking to one of their friends immediately starts to see her and him in an hot affair. Jealousy and suspects increase and increase, till their life cross with a young man hidden inside their flat.

Quality Note - Audio seems a little quiet.

Who Mislaid My Wife? DVD is offered as a compact edition. This transfer is manufactured on demand and is presented on premium DVD-R with thermal disc print in a clear plastic wallet. Important: This title has been manufactured from the best-quality video master (rated 6/10) currently available and has not been remastered or restored.