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Wasp Woman DVD

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The Wasp Woman 1959 USA Roger Corman, William Roerick, Susan Cabot, Anthony Eisley, Barboura Morris



  • Directed by Roger Corman
  • Starring Susan Cabot, Anthony Eisley, Barboura Morris, William Roerick
  • Written by Leo Gordon, Kinta Zertuche

The Wasp Woman (1959) — Janice Starlin, the owner of a cosmetics firm, sees that her fading beauty is not only causing waves in her personal life but causing some prestige problems for her also-fading business. She becomes an easy mark for a pseudo-scientist, Eric Zinthrop, who claims to have developed a serum from the enzymes of wasps that will turn aging skin to youthful-looking skin. The second-best thing to a time machine. She, without any hesitation, agrees to be the first human to try the Zinthro injections. But, as her beauty returns, her secretary, Mary Dennison, and her advertising executive, Bill Lane, notices she is also having a personality change and it isn't for the better, albeit she was no Miss Congegeniality to begin with. Then, Zinthrop gets hit by an automobile, for plot-development purposes, and is somewhat incapacitated and not in any shape to be whipping up any new batches of Zinthrop's Wasp Enzyme Injection Serum and..

The Wasp Woman DVD is available as a deluxe edition with custom cover and dvd case. Important: This title is manufactured-on-demand from the best-quality video master currently available and has not been remastered or restored.

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Additional Information

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