Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story DVD

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Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story DVD

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1988 USA Todd Haynes, Merrill Gruver, Melissa Brown, Rob LaBelle, Michael Edwards



  • Directed by Todd Haynes
  • Starring Merrill Gruver, Michael Edwards, Melissa Brown, Rob LaBelle
  • Written by Cynthia Schneider, Todd Haynes

Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story (1988) — Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story looks at how Karen's music helped to redefine popular music (for better or worse), as well as how her disease mirrored the darkness that lurked beneath the surface of '70s pop culture, but Todd Haynes' creative vision throws a crucial twist into the tale. Instead of live actors, most of the key roles in Superstar are played by Barbie or Ken dolls, and while the concept might sound like a mean-spirited joke, in practice the technique adds a strange storybook quality to the material that's compelling and genuinely moving. Unfortunately, Haynes failed to secure permission from Richard Carpenter and A&M Records for use of the many Carpenters recordings used on the film's soundtrack, and Richard was reportedly offended by his less-than flattering portrayal in the film; consequently, after a handful of film festival screenings, Superstar went into legal limbo, and since Richard's attorneys have prevented any authorized exhibition of the film, it can now be seen only on low-quality bootleg videocassettes. Black & White.

Packed with the following Bonus Shorts:

Santa's Child Molestation Tape A short revealing that santa is not only real, but also a pedophile.

Superpup The Adventures of Superpup" (1958) was meant to be a children's show with midgets in dog costumes. Billy Curtis, star of "Superman and the Molemen," played Bark Bent who was a reporter working for Perry Bite. When the evil Professor Sheepdip kidnaps Pamela Poodle, it's our hero to the rescue.

Dead End HorrorStop motion action figure horror movie

Gayniggers From Outerspace 5 "gayniggers" who come from the planet Anus come to earth to eliminate the women population and create an all male, gay society. With names like D. Ildo and Sargeant Shaven Balls and classic stereotypes/

Lego Chainsaw MassacreThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre reenacted by Legos

Diane Linkletter Story This improvised film is based on the true-life suicide of TV personality Art Linkletter's daughter, Diane. Mr. and Mrs. Linkletter fret about their daughter's recent behavior, which includes taking drugs and dating a lowlife named Jim. Eventually, the parents confront Diane... with tragic consequences.

Cat With Hands The dark, surreal story of a cat who wants to be human

Separation Separation of conjoined twins and its extraordinary consequences. Paranoid More creepy stop motion from Robert Morgan

Monsters Stan Blake has dry skin over his hands, a wicked imagination, an abusive and cruel sister and a mother who is remote at the best of times. When he finds a duck's head in the garden, it puts visions in his head of a crazy masked man, ripping the heads off ducks and running while. He makes his own attempts at this with his sister's tampons and starts a fight with her that ends with threats and repercussions.

The Man in The Lower-Left Hand Corner Of The Photograph A man in a decaying room looks at an old photograph of himself and tries to recreate the happiness he once felt. American Screams Short Documentary on Rollercoaster's hosted by Vince Price

Snow White & The Horny Seven Dwarves - I think the title explains it all

Day off The Dead It's hard enough falling in love when you're alive, imagine what it's like in the afterworld. Watch as a dead guy and dead gal fall in love through a series of short, sweet sentimental segments.

Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story DVD is available as a deluxe edition with custom cover and dvd case. Important: This title is manufactured-on-demand from the best-quality video master currently available and has not been remastered or restored.