Spirits of Bruce Lee DVD

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Spirits of Bruce Lee DVD

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1973 HONG KONG/THAILAND Ling Shang, Alan Chui Chung San, Wai-Man Chan, Fei Lung Chen, Chia-Lin Sun



  • Directed by Ling Shang
  • Starring Wai-Man Chan, Chia-Lin Sun, Fei Lung Chen, Alan Chui Chung San
  • Written by Ling Shang

Spirits of Bruce Lee (1973) -- A martial arts expert named Chang Chen-Wai runs a jade-importing business with his brother, Chang Fan. When Chang Fan suddenly disappears on a buying trip in Thailand, Chang Chen-Wai gets a little worried and decides to travel down there to find him. When he arrives there, he meets another kung fu expert named Li Pai-Yu after helping him fight off local thugs in a village. They become friends and Li decides to help Chang Chen-Wai find his missing brother. When they both learn that Chang Fan was murdered by the henchmen of a gangster named Ming Pan-Tin, Chang Chen-Wai resolves to revenge his death. They both go to fight off the henchmen one by one and find the head leader, Ming Pan-Tin.

Spirits of Bruce Lee DVD is offered as a compact edition. This transfer is manufactured on demand and is presented on premium DVD-R with thermal disc print in a clear plastic wallet. Important: This title has been manufactured from the best-quality video master (rated 9/10) currently available and has not been remastered or restored.