So Sweet, So Dead DVD

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So Sweet, So Dead DVD

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Rivelazioni di un maniaco sessuale al capo della squadra mobile 1972 ITALY Roberto Bianchi Montero, Annabella Incontrera, Sylva Koscina, Farley Granger, Silvano Tranquilli



  • Directed by Roberto Bianchi Montero
  • Starring Farley Granger, Sylva Koscina, Silvano Tranquilli, Annabella Incontrera
  • Written by Luigi Angelo, Luigi Angelo

So Sweet, So Dead (1972) — Someone is butchering the unfaithful wives of an Italian town's jet-set in Roberto Montero's super sleazy early 70's giallo. The archetypal killer - sporting black leather gloves, black raincoat, black fedora (and a black stocking obscuring any telltale facial features) - spies on adulterous couples, snapping incriminating photographs of flashed breasts and sweaty embraces, which are subsequently left for the police to find (but always with the man's features scratched out) next to the bloody bodies of the slaughtered women. Inspector Capuana (Farley Granger) is frustrated by his lack of progress after finding the first body, that of a General's wife, naked and slashed in a hotel bedroom. He complains to his wife that the wall of total silence from the swinging, high flying society (Nowadays, the best of families operate without principles.) is seriously hampering the investigation. As seems normal in these things he resorts to rounding up the usual suspects, the town's 'undesirables' - prostitutes, homosexuals and hippies - before dismissing it as a complete waste of time, realising that the killer would more likely be lurking amongst the town's well-to-do.

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