Slaves of Love DVD

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Slaves of Love DVD

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1969 USA Charles Nizet, Tina Brown, Lloyd Davish, Sally Blair, Mary Horton



  • Directed by Charles Nizet
  • Starring Sally Blair, Tina Brown, Lloyd Davish, Mary Horton
  • Written by Charles Nizet

Slaves of Love (1969) -- Naked women with guns! 60's Sexploitation classic. Crude, sleazy, lurid and a whole lot of fun. There were so many generic sex flicks released during the late-'60s that it's always a treat to stumble across a piece of lurid swill that isn't afraid to take some wackier turns during its prurient pursuits. In this instance, director Charles Nizet (VOODOO HEARTBEAT) knows what his audience wants, and sums it up in four little words: Naked women with guns!... Investigating the disappearance of several planes, all over a particular section of "uncharted waters," Joe, Troy, and their groovy goatees fly off to investigate. When their plane is mysteriously downed, and their kidnappers turn out to be an island full of scantily-clad Amazon babes, who's complaining? Soon, the two are captured by a trio of cuties, equipped with machine guns and mini-skirts so short that half their bare ass hangs out in the breeze. Plus, every so often, the story grinds to a halt for some hilariously cheesy T&A, such as while in the middle of taking the males back to their complex, the gals enjoy an impromptu nude swim -- which goes on for ten minutes! Joe and Troy try to overpower these brazen "fiends," who continually subject our heroes to their NUDE BODIES!

Then they're taken to the ladies' underground lair, where Joe is forced to HAVE SEX with all of the women, including their Chief (Tina Brown)! Will the horrors never cease for these poor guys?! of course, they're never told that all of the previous male captors have been executed, or that they're next in line. This crude, but lovably offbeat flick is a lot of fun, thanks to its goofy plot and Nizet's fine sense of sleaze (even expository scenes happen to have a topless dancer lounging about in the foreground). The cast couldn't act to save their lives but, on the female end, are appropriately photogenic. The filmmakers also do their damnedest to cut corners. Joe narrates the strange tale from the present day, which saved on sync-sound costs. And though the sets for the Amazon base are wonderfully trippy, most of the movie takes place in the cheap outdoors. It clocks it at only 76 minutes, but minus all the nude swims, nude erotic dances and nude sunbathing, this has about three minutes worth of actual plot. Like I said earlier, who's complaining?

Slaves of Love DVD is offered as a compact edition. This transfer is manufactured on demand and is presented on premium DVD-R with thermal disc print in a clear plastic wallet. Important: This title has been manufactured from the best-quality video master (rated 8/10) currently available and has not been remastered or restored.