Red Spell Spells Red DVD

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Red Spell Spells Red DVD

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Gong gui zai 1983 HONG KONG Titus Ho, Lun Chia, Gam-lung Choi, Hussein Abu Hassan, Hoi-tin Leung



  • Directed by Titus Ho
  • Starring Hussein Abu Hassan, Lun Chia, Gam-lung Choi, Hoi-tin Leung
  • Written by Suet Ming Chan

Red Spell Spells Red (1983) -- While it does have subtitles, I have to be honest (which I always strive to be) and say they are almost unreadable - for the most part anyway. The quality is not all good that I am sorry to say and is a aborderline 6-7/10.

One of the rarest HK horror films directed by Titus Ho. Outrageous violence and gore epic. Red Spell Spells Red is a truly bizarre film packed with animal violence, bubbling blood spells, and much more. Fans of Hong Kong's strangely compelling horror cinema will not be let down. It's a great flick, but it takes a while to get going so stick with it.

A TV crew investigates the tomb of a Dwarf Sorceror which opens up the small village they are staying in to a horrible curse of bubbling blood spells, supernatural attacks, and a spate of scorpions. The lead reporter starts her period during her stay in the village and the curse bears down hard on her--she secludes herself in a cave when scorpions start erupting from her skin! There's plenty of animal violence here: pigs slaughtered as well as plenty of scorpions and the piece de resistance--a wild-eyed man who is possessed eats a live chicken, pulling it apart with his teeth! There's also a scene where a cock fight turns into a cock attack, when our heroine gets too close the possessed animals go after her. Add in frequent splatter and some well-staged and wonderfully edited bits where unseen forces are at work (one in particular has a gal almost get her privates burnt by a candle as wooden posts spread her arms and legs apart, another great scene has the TV crew's film editor ensnared by a film roll while his hand is ground down to bloody stumps where fingers used to be).

There's plenty of action, a good amount of violence and gore, and even stolen music from The Omen! The exorcism scene at the end is one of a kind, too. For anyone as obsessed with the truly unique cinema of Hong Kong

Red Spell Spells Red DVD is offered as a compact edition. This transfer is manufactured on demand and is presented on premium DVD-R with thermal disc print in a clear plastic wallet. Important: This title has been manufactured from the best-quality video master (rated 7/10) currently available and has not been remastered or restored.