Psycho: Suicide Dolls DVD

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Psycho: Suicide Dolls DVD

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Satsu satsu (ayame) 1999 JAPAN Tamakichi Anaru, Shino Setsuna



  • Directed by Tamakichi Anaru
  • Starring Shino Setsuna

Psycho: Suicide Dolls (1999) — IAs it stands, i'd hate to give anything away...just to say that the film is divided into for sections (3 live action, the last puppetry (to some extent)), and these chapters revolve around the theme/motif of suicide (as may be obvious from the title).

The first is long, and very slow - but it is necessary to define the boredom and isolation of the protagonist. You feel it too - thats one of the unnerving qualities of the film that makes it strangely compelling. The second is predictably gloomy, and pretty short. That it is quite obvious what will ensue just adds to the ominous inevitability of it all. The third is, not to undersell it, pretty gory. It may be a bit too much for the uninitiated viewer, as the protagonist's death is filmed in graphic detail (that one of the crew supposedly runs off to vomit during it may testify to this). In juxtaposition to the previous downbeat sections, this seems rather sensational. On its own, perhaps it wouldn't seem so horrendous. The final section is pretty bizarre. Dolls and some hardcore/extreme techno. I liked it, some will damned hate this ending. And who can blame them? It makes little sense, and doesn't involve suicide, just murder (if you can call Doll death murder....which seems to inflect an ominous political subtext over the previous deaths...make of it what you will

Psycho: Suicide Dolls DVD is available as a deluxe edition with custom cover and dvd case. Important: This title is manufactured-on-demand from the best-quality video master currently available and has not been remastered or restored.