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Otherworld DVD

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1985 USA Tony O'Dell, Sam Groom, Gretchen Corbett, Jonna Lee



  • Starring Sam Groom, Gretchen Corbett, Tony O'Dell, Jonna Lee

Otherworld (1985) -- While exploring the Egyptian pyramids, the Sterling family become lost inside the labyrinths. After finding their way out, they find that they are in a parallel universe. The Earth they wind up on is called Thel, ruled by the Church of Artificial Intelligence, and kept in line by ruthless Zone Troopers. Making their way through the various Provinces on the planet, the Sterlings make their way toward the province of Imar, capital of Thel and home to Signpost Astrologers who may be able to help them find their way back to their universe.

If Otherworld had gone into production 5 to 7 years later, it might have enjoyed a long run and been regarded as a classic of the genre.

The series revolved around the Sterling family, Hal, his wife June and their children, Trace, Gina and Smith, who while touring the pyramids of Egypt, found themselves whisked to the "otherworld," a parallel world with pockets of civilization or provinces, separated by a forbidden zone where only the "Zone Troopers" are allowed to travel. All this is ruled from the capitol province of Ymar (e-mar) where a portal back to Earth was said to exist.

What follows in the 8 filmed episodes are the adventures of the family as they travel from province to province, on a journey to Ymar, always hounded by Kommander Nuveen Kroll, the sadistic Zone trooper leader the Sterlings ran afoul of upon their arrival.

Created by Roderick Taylor, a musician, Otherworld always maintained a surreal quality with music and effects, where everything is just off kilter, maintaining the feeling of another reality. Each province had it's own character, from a colony of androids to a repressed 50s style city, ripe for the introduction of Rock n' Roll.

There was no resolution to the series which disappeared after the last episode, "Princess Metra" faded out with the Sterlings continuing their journey home. This was a surprise, since Taylor had said in interviews, the network had commissioned 13 episodes, but apparently canceled it before the full production run.

Too bad CBS never gave the series a chance, choosing to bury it on Saturday nights. Stories were always, well written, entertaining and pro-family. Repeated often was the refrain that the Family was always the Sterlings' main strength. Otherworld might have found a bigger audience with more promotion and a better time slot, but, in my opinion would have found great success in the kinder, gentler television of the 90s.

Quality Note : I would rate this quality of this higher except for the occasional brief glitch.

Episodes:Rules of Attraction The Zone Troopers Build Men Paradise Lost Rock and Roll Suicide Village of the Motorpigs I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar Mansion of the Beast Princess Metra

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