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Kyoko vs. Yuki DVD

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Saikyô joshikôsê densetsu: Kyôko vs Yuki 2000 JAPAN Daisuke Yamanouchi, Kyôko Fujikawa, Kajitsu Miura, Yôko Satomi, Kinako Satô



  • Directed by Daisuke Yamanouchi
  • Starring Yôko Satomi, Kyôko Fujikawa, Kinako Satô, Kajitsu Miura
  • Written by Daisuke Yamanouchi

Kyoko vs. Yuki (2000) — The following is a review from Servered Cinema. The full review can be read here.

The film opens with the character Kyôko's workout regime. Kyôko is a trained killer and is getting ready for an upcoming fight. Two girls in white masks bring a chained man into the room with Kyôko. An announcer speaks over a sound system, giving the fight instructions. The man is unchained, and the two masked women leave the room. The fight begins and Kyôko promptly makes the first blow giving her opponent a bloody nose. An incredibly lame fight sequence follows, with cheesy punch sound FX. She concludes the battle with a machete through his head. After she proves herself, Kyôko is sent on a mission to find a man and take his briefcase. Yuki and her lesbian girlfriend enter the picture. The man Kyôko is assigned to find has been taken captive in Yuki's apartment. The poor guy is forced to witness their lesbian escapades complete with a white studded dildo while overblown slobber sound effects are heard, erasing any attempt at eroticism. This guy thinks he has it bad now in the hands of Yuki, but little does he know that Kyôko is on his trail.

When Kyôko tracks him down, she tortures him and quickly learns the lesbian lovers have the briefcase and its contents. After slitting his throat she notifies her boss, and is sent hot on the trail of Yuki and her bitch, hence the title of the film Saikyô joshi Kose densetsu: Kyôko vs. Yuki.

On her voyage to finding Yuki, Kyôko comes across Yuki's girlfriend getting fucked by a rather large Colonel lovin' woman with a strap-on rubber dick. She ends their relationship by murdering them both. When we finally see Kyoko Vs. Yuki for the first time, Yuki is more than she bargained for. Yuki slices off the hand of Kyôko, sending her fleeing for a back-up plan.

Back at the KFC love shack, Yuki finds her woman dead, and defiled by our KFC-hoe. When all else fails, she does what any normal person that has faced the loss of a loved one would do; she breaks out the double dildo for some necrophilia filled double penetration, for old times sake.

Meanwhile, not only is Kyôko a trained killer, but apparently she also specializes in cybernetics. Not letting her severed hand get her down, she follows Ashes lead from Army of Darkness, by preparing her a new cybernetic hand — complete with razor sharp finger blades — and gets ready for battle number two!

Kyoko vs. Yuki DVD is available as a deluxe edition with custom cover and dvd case. Important: This title is manufactured-on-demand from the best-quality video master currently available and has not been remastered or restored.