Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill DVD

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Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill DVD

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Kommissar X - Jagd auf Unbekannt 1966 WEST GERMANY/ITALY/YUGOSLAVIA Gianfranco Parolini, Maria Perschy, Brad Harris, Christa Linder, Tony Kendall



  • Directed by Gianfranco Parolini
  • Starring Tony Kendall, Brad Harris, Maria Perschy, Christa Linder
  • Written by Gianfranco Parolini, Theo Maria Werner

Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill (1966) -- Based on a popular series of German adventure novels, the Kommissar X films sprang up in Germany as competition to the popular exploits of James Bond. Private eye Joe Walker (so cool and egotistical that he has his own personal theme song!) and police captain Tom Rowland must find out whos killing off a group of influential businessmen. The reason? A fortune in gold made radioactive so it couldnt be claimed for five years... but now someone cant wait!

Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill DVD is offered as a compact edition. This transfer is manufactured on demand and is presented on premium DVD-R with thermal disc print in a clear plastic wallet. Important: This title has been manufactured from the best-quality video master (rated 7/10) currently available and has not been remastered or restored.