Inugami DVD

Inugami DVD

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2001 JAPAN Masato Harada, Yûki Amami, Shiho Fujimura, Atsurô Watabe, Eugene Harada



  • Directed by Masato Harada
  • Starring Yûki Amami, Atsurô Watabe, Eugene Harada, Shiho Fujimura
  • Written by Masako Bando, Masato Harada

Inugami (2001) -- Akira, a teacher from Tokyo, has just arrived in a small rural town to begin his new job. Soon after arriving, he meets, and begins to fall for, Miki, a papermaker and part of a large and unusual family. When he learns of an ancient legend that the family carries the curse of the Inugami, or Dog God, he brushes it off as silly superstition. After a series of mysterious deaths, however, the townspeople begin to grow restless, and Akira must confront the truth about Miki and her family.

Inugami DVD is offered as a compact edition. This transfer is manufactured on demand and is presented on premium DVD-R with thermal disc print in a clear plastic wallet. Important: This title has been manufactured from the best-quality video master (rated 10/10) currently available and has not been remastered or restored.