Hot Tub Fever DVD

Hot Tub Fever DVD

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Hot Tub Fever -- This three battle tape features three exotic melees in a California Hot Tub. We think you'll find these nude romps different from anything else you've ever witnessed. All shot in beautiful color and shocking sound.

The first scene shows Beth lounging in a Hot Tub, caressing her private parts and enjoying the invigoration of the moment. Then Dianne, the willowy black haired princess joins her in a scanty black teddy and pink panties which she quickly removes. A discussion of a mutual love with "George" takes place and Dianne tells Beth to quit sleeping with her man. Standing in the swirling water, the two women soon engage in a violent battle of arm nelsons and chokes until Dianne bolts to the patio. Beth follows her out, pulling her raven tresses and biting her limbs until Dianne tries to escape back to the Hot Tub. Once back in the tub some screaming tit squeezing takes place until one girl is choked by her own arms and ends her day by being draped like a limp rag over the edge of the tub.

The second encounter occurs on the beach with a volleyball game between Dianne in a stunning pink and black bikini and blonde Leslie, wearing a grey sweatsuit. "George", the husband seems to be making love to both of these beach queens and in a flash the two girls are on the same side of the net struggling for their lives. They roll on the molten sand tearing each others tops away. As the bottoms are then disposed of, Leslie attempts to run from Dianne down the long beach but the black-haired beauty catches her, drags her back to the court and the fight starts all over again. The ending follows when the dominant winner smashes the spent loser's head again and again against the sandy beach as she straddles the poor girl into an emotion-filled loss.

The last fight on this tape begins with blondes Sherri and Beth showering outdoors near the Hot Tub. Dianne enters the scene in white shorts and red sweater and quick as a flash the two nude girls strip the dark-haired beauty in the courtyard. Next the two witches throw the outmanned girl into the hot tub and both blondes work her over with chokes and dunks and tit mashes. Dianne escapes from the tub but soon is brought back to the agony tank for a surprising conclusion. You'll be completely shocked at the ending as Dianne gives a good account of herself versus her two tormentors. Certainly very gorgeous females in a slippery and sensual fight in a hot tub. This tape is a must for the nude catfight devotee.

Hot Tub Fever DVD is offered as a compact edition. This transfer is manufactured on demand and is presented on premium DVD-R with thermal disc print in a clear plastic wallet. Important: This title has been manufactured from the best-quality video master (rated 6/10) currently available and has not been remastered or restored.