Hitchhiking Archives: Volume 1 DVD

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Hitchhiking Archives: Volume 1 DVD

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Hitchhiking Archives: Volume 1 (1970) -- A nice collection of short films focused on the dangers of hitchiking in the seventies with a special bonus feature (Go Girl). Disc contains the following short stories: Take an Easy Ride (1976) - Kenneth F. Rowles

On their way to a pop festival two hitch-hikers are abducted by a rapist/murderer. At first it opens like a travelogue sort of thing with your usual bbc type commentary,then thats just a sweetener for what is to come.we are then given some interview footage from various elements of the globe.on the whole the first half of the film is quite dull(especially the smashie and nicey deejay)and the second half will leave a horrible taste in the mouth.one of the victims appeared as a groupie in confessions of a pop performer.if you can locate this(quite difficult anyway)any fan of British sleaze will be overwhelmed but if not you will be quite disturbed by the whole affair.anyway,they don't make them like this anymore.also a soundtrack in the background by the pretty thing.

Hitchhiking: The Road to Rape (1971) - Ronald FloetheA Film on Hitchhiking (1974) - Valerie Nordstrom

Short educational film made for the mid 70's classroom to educate teens of the day on the dangers of hitchhiking.

The Hitch HikeGo Girl (Give me a ring sometime) (1970) - Kenneth F. Rowles

Another chapter in the career of the incredible Kenneth F. Rowles, he of 'Take an Easy Ride' infamy. Rowles devised and produced this 13 part TV series back in 1970, if the title doesn't immediately ring any bells it is hardly surprising given that for reasons unknown Go Girl was never broadcast. Go Girl uses much of the same crew as Rowles' Venom, an offbeat horror film about a forest dwelling nymphet with a spider fixation. While Venom took its British crew to Bavaria, Go Girl was shot in Spain where Rowles once ran into a spot of bother with customs after a copy of Cinema X magazine-featuring a Venom pictorial-was found in his luggage, confiscated and later enthusiastically flicked-through by customs officers. Tickled by this the magazine itself later reported the incident in a news item headed 'Hey!-Give me back my Cinema X'. Quite how Rowles managed to convince the same authorities to allow him to shoot a TV series about a crime fighting Go-Go dancer remains to be seen. Left gathering dust for well over a decade the 28 minute pilot episode eventually resurfaced on a value for money video double-bill with the aforementioned Take an Easy Ride in the early Eighties erroneously billed as 'Give Me a Ring Sometime' which is actually just the pilot episode title.

Hitchhiking Archives: Volume 1 DVD is offered as a compact edition. This transfer is manufactured on demand and is presented on premium DVD-R with thermal disc print in a clear plastic wallet. Important: This title has been manufactured from the best-quality video master (rated 8/10) currently available and has not been remastered or restored.