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Gusomilk Collection DVD

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Gusomilk Collection -- It was asked for and so I obliged. Here's the first 4 movies in the Gusomilk series - As sick and as nasty as they come.

Gusomilk I A man leads three young women into a room, where another woman is laying on a bed. The three women each take turns shitting on her face and chest, then rub the shit all over her body and face. Then the man gives them milk enemas, and they squat over the shit-covered girl to expel their enemas on her at the same time. In the next wild scene, a cutie with her hair in pigtails licks, sucks, and tongue-fucks another woman's asshole, then gives her a cottage cheese enema, which is expelled into the pigtailed girl's hands. Then she shoves a bunch of small, hard-boiled eggs into the woman's ass and she expels those. Pigtails gives the woman a raw egg enema, and she expels it into her mouth, then Pigtails spits the raw eggs into the woman's mouth and they kiss.

Then she uses a funnel to stuff a bunch of small, live, squirming eels into the woman's asshole, and she expels those forcefully all over the bed. The pigtailed girl puts one of the eels in her mouth and eats it ! Then the woman squats to expel a load of soft shit into Pigtails' hands, and they smear the shit on each other and share shitty kisses. In another scene, the same girl, dressed as a leather-clad dominatrix, shoves her whole fist up a man's asshole, before shitting a big pile on his face. In another room, she lays on the floor and gets fucked by a man while several other girls take turns expelling enemas and shitting big piles on her (including the woman who got the eels up her ass, because a couple of those pop out, too).

Gusomilk II One of the nastiest scat videos ever made ! A cute girl climbs onto a glass table and takes a big, chunky shit, then she scoops up the turds with her hands, and shoves them in her mouth. Next, she lays down with her head under a clear acrylic toilet seat box, as eleven young women stand in line, holding their stomachs and waiting to shit. The girls may have been given laxatives, because most of the shits are sloppy, wet ones. The very first girl splatters a big puddle of diarrhea all over the toilet seat and on the girl's face ! Many more messy expulsions follow, until the toilet girl is laying in an enormous pile of shit. She scoops up a huge handful, smears it all over her body, and eats some, then she puts on a white halter top and white shorts and goes out into the busy streets, covered in shit ! As people walk by all around her, she plays with a handful of the shit and eats it ! In another scene, a girl takes a big, sloppy shit on the glass table, plays with it, and chews on the turds.

Next, a man eats and fingers the pussy of a girl with nice tits, then she shits a messy puddle of diarrhea into his cupped hands. He smears it all over her, then she sucks his shit-smeared cock. He fucks her while they pass shit between their mouths, then cums on her face. Next is a hot lesbian scene -- one girl pisses in a bowl and the other one gives her enemas with the piss, and she expels in her girlfriend's mouth. She shits a big, slimy turd in the girl's hands, and they smear it on each other, pass turds between their mouths, then smear shit all over a big, two-headed dildo, and ride it together while rubbing shit on each other! One girl shits on the dildo while it's stuck in her pussy!

Gusmilk III The third in the great Gusomilk series continues to push the limits of scat extremes! A young woman wearing a plaid skirt shits on a glass table, gets naked, and smears her own shit all over her big tits and body. She stuffs turds in her mouth, chews shit, and spits it back into her hands. Another woman in a schoolgirl uniform enters and shits a big, soft load on the woman's belly, then they smear the shit all over each other, pass turds between their mouths, lick and finger assholes, give each other big milk enemas, and expel in each others' mouths. They smear shit on a big double-headed dildo, suck it, and ride both ends together. In the next scene, the star recruits six women on the street for some scat play.

They all go behind a building, where the star lays on the ground wearing a white dress and a toilet seat around her head. The six women then take turns pissing on her dress and shitting huge, messy piles all over her face! Ultra nasty! She gets up, smears the shit all over her dress, tits, ass and face, then walks down a busy city sidewalk as people stare! In another segment, she is given a camera to record her own bowel movements. She narrates as she shits several different times into a plastic pan, and wipes. In the last scene, she shits into a man's cupped hands and he smears it on her tits, then she sucks his shit-smeared cock. He fucks her in several positions, then, while he fucks her, several women enter one at a time to dump big loads of shit on her belly and chest, then they all return again to blast milk enemas all over her.

Gusomilk IV This video starts off outside with a girl pissing in a back alley. She puts a mini-bath tub like contraption on her head and lays down and multiple women shit and piss on her face. The shit is rubbed all over her and she walks out in the street covered in shit. A quick second scene shows a schoolgirl shitting on the floor and then she rubs it on her own face. The next scene is two girls. One vomits on the other and they rub it all over each other.

They continue to shit on each other and rub it all over their faces and tits and swap it mouth to mouth. One girl deep throats a dildo covered in shit and then they fuck using a strap on while one girl vomits all over the other. A school girl gets her nipples rubbed and her pussy licked by a man and she sucks his cock and they fuck. While they are fucking, several women shit on her and the guy rubs the shit all over her chest and neck. Milk enemas are done and are shitted out all over the girl while she is getting fucked. The guy finishes by cumming in her mouth and on her face.

To say that the contents of this DVD are as extreme as they come is an understatement. I urge you, if this isnt your thing please do not order this title. However saying that if you have some jehovah witnesses to get rid of I offer a money back guarantee twice fold that this baby will do the trick!

Gusomilk Collection DVD is offered as a compact edition. This transfer is manufactured on demand and is presented on premium DVD-R with thermal disc print in a clear plastic wallet. Important: This title has been manufactured from the best-quality video master (rated 8/10) currently available and has not been remastered or restored.