Don't Go to Sleep DVD

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Don't Go to Sleep DVD

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1982 USA Richard Lang, Dennis Weaver, Valerie Harper, Robin Ignico, Kristin Cumming



  • Directed by Richard Lang
  • Starring Dennis Weaver, Valerie Harper, Robin Ignico, Kristin Cumming
  • Written by Ned Wynn

Don't Go to Sleep (1982) — Little Mary (Robin Ignico) is haunted by the guilty memory of her sister Jennifer, who died in an auto accident not long ago. Jennifer had always been more adored by their parents, and Mary can't help thinking that her jealousy was behind Jennifer's death. Soon, Mary begins to imagine that there's something, or someone, hiding under her bed, and it becomes apparent that the nocturnal visitor is her dead sister. The apparition, who is only seen by Mary, is not satisfied being the only member of her family to have crossed over; she wants the rest of her family dead. Soon, to Mary's horror, her dead sister is orchestrating the deaths of the other members of the family, one by one. Ned Wynn wrote the screenplay for this TV-movie thriller, which first saw the light of day on December 10, 1982.

Don't Go to Sleep DVD is available as a deluxe edition with custom cover and dvd case. Important: This title is manufactured-on-demand from the best-quality video master currently available and has not been remastered or restored.