Devil Fetus DVD

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Devil Fetus DVD

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Mo tai 1983 HONG KONG Hung-Chuen Lau, Sai-gang Lau, Pak-Kwong Ho, Yung-chang Chin, Eddie Chan



  • Directed by Hung-Chuen Lau
  • Starring Eddie Chan, Yung-chang Chin, Pak-Kwong Ho, Sai-gang Lau
  • Written by Wen-hua Cheng, Ging-Jiu Lo

Devil Fetus (1983) -- Coming across as a manic and unholy mix of The exorcist, Amityville Horror, Plan 9 from Outer Space, Evil dead, Poltergeist, War of the Gargantuas and Michael Jacksons Thriller video with a single-digit budget, this brilliant and idiotic Hong Kong flick keeps the freak-outs coming fast and furious throughout. Acting is non-existent and the, uh...minimal plot apparently exists only to provide a framework in which to present gratuitous scenes of worm-vomiting, demonic possession, decapitation and nubile starlets making congress with giant, grunting, slimy green Sasquatch-looking monsters. Generally pointless film features some of the worst special effects ever seen but is never less than massively entertaining.

Devil Fetus DVD is offered as a compact edition. This transfer is manufactured on demand and is presented on premium DVD-R with thermal disc print in a clear plastic wallet. Important: This title has been manufactured from the best-quality video master (rated 8/10) currently available and has not been remastered or restored.