Deviation DVD

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Deviation DVD

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1971 SWEDEN José Ramón Larraz, Malcolm Terris, Karl Lanchbury, Sibyla Grey, Lisbet Lundquist



  • Directed by José Ramón Larraz
  • Starring Karl Lanchbury, Lisbet Lundquist, Sibyla Grey, Malcolm Terris
  • Written by José Ramón Larraz, Sture Sjöstedt

Deviation (1971) -- "Spanish born director Jose Larraz forever edged his work on many of us through cult classic VAMPYRES, forging the many aspects that ran wild in the early 70's. Elements, like the occult, orgies and lesbianism. It's no wonder he had to flee his homeland of Spain where the ruling government at the time outlawed such freedoms in film making. Sadly, many only view his film VAMPYRES and move on, never really giving much thought as to if he had any other works. Well, it is in my humble opinion, they are wrong. He has many great examples of the merging of such elements mentioned before and much more with the likes of such films as BLACK CANDLES, THE COMING OF SIN and DEVIATION. Yes, these are just the topping of many more films that he managed to make during the 70's, but it was after his 1977 film COMING OF SIN when the film maker's career or film's should I say started getting shotty at best. Though BLACK CANDLES did shine a ray of hope, but that was all.

DEVIATION is the start of many occult flavored horror films Larraz filmed throughout the 70's. In fact his first horror film and one that would simply gives us the right taste of what was to come. His very raw and surreal style and approach is something he managed to sustain throughout many of these films. Incorporating sex, horror and the occult in a way where it wasn't exploited, but almost giving you a peep into a world many only read about and others never escape. Where one would feel welcomed and very much wanted, but all for the wrong reasons. Larraz explores an area of darkness, while during the 70's would totally shock and horrify many. Not with gore or explicit torture, but with sheer realism. The character's often wearing a shell of normality, but the inside just itching to ooze all over the screen, and of course it does. This isn't the only attraction to DEVIATION, Larraz also brings a method he was deprived of using in Spain and like his characters, was just awaiting to unleash, exploitation. Many times and of course only hinted at in DEVIATION was lesbianism. Something not only did Larraz know would sell, but would eventually give him money for further work. All capped off with a scorching Stelvio Cirpiani score, one that has quickly become one of my favorites from this legendary Italian composer." -

Released on VHS in Canada by Marquis Video, but for some reason, the company opted not to put their name on the cassette box or the presentation itself. The tape opens with a video generated title for Prima Film, Marquis' parent company, but has no other distributor identification. Also, the front of the box features a photo of Jo-Ann Robinson, as the possessed character "D.J." from Scalps. Marquis also released Ray's film on tape around the same time.

Deviation DVD is offered as a compact edition. This transfer is manufactured on demand and is presented on premium DVD-R with thermal disc print in a clear plastic wallet. Important: This title has been manufactured from the best-quality video master (rated 8/10) currently available and has not been remastered or restored.