Dead a Go! Go! DVD

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Dead a Go! Go! DVD

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Deddo a goo! goo! 1999 JAPAN Daisuke Yamanouchi, Eri Inazumi, Tomomi Aizawa, Masato Horii, Nami Fujita



  • Directed by Daisuke Yamanouchi
  • Starring Tomomi Aizawa, Nami Fujita, Masato Horii, Eri Inazumi
  • Written by Daisuke Yamanouchi

Dead a Go! Go! (1999) — Educational mockumentary about 3 sucides sourced directly from a digital Japanese Import. Quality is assured.

Episode 1 - A guy and his dysfunctional family that he just can't cope with, even more so with his wife being a walking vegetable. He's stressed about her condition and is wondering what kind of a life he has ahead of him, that is until his daughter walks in starts arguing with him about something. His daughters boyfriend not happy with the arguing also joins in and starts to attack her father. After this incident, dad is really fed up and decides to go and hang himself only to find his daughter in the middle of seducing her mentally unstable boyfriend. Several blowjob, masturbating and screwing scenes later, dad knocks something over and interupts everything. His daughter and her boyfriend get mad that he's interupted their sex session and proceed to strange her father with the noose he was planning to hang himself with.

Episode 2 - concerns a women who is constantly raped by her boss. Desperate to seek away out she decides to slit her wrists and end it all. Episode 3 isn't really an episode, but more about a crate. What it is about this crate and its importance in the story is, we're not sure, but its contents are revealed in epsiode 4.

Episode 4 - Bullied by her class mates, beat up, tortured and violently raped with a celery stick, this poor girl decides to slit her wrist. Unfortunately for her, she fails and the suicide victims from the previous 2 episodes come back to haunt her. At this point the contents of the crate - blood and guts - are poured on to the ground. The girl throws some balls and confronts her attackers and ends up slicing one the classmates throats.

Dead a Go! Go! DVD is available as a deluxe edition with custom cover and dvd case. Important: This title is manufactured-on-demand from the best-quality video master currently available and has not been remastered or restored.