Blood Frenzy DVD

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Blood Frenzy DVD

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1987 USA Hal Freeman, Wendy MacDonald, Lisa Loring, Lisa Savage, Tony Montero



  • Directed by Hal Freeman
  • Starring Wendy MacDonald, Tony Montero, Lisa Loring, Lisa Savage
  • Written by Ted Newsom

Blood Frenzy (1987) — An unorthodox psychiatrist transports six of her most disturbed patients to a remote desert location for a few days of aggressive group therapy. This leads to lengthy scenes of hammy soul-searching and tedious psycho-babble, until the one of their number disables the groups van and begins picking the others off one by one, triggering a frantic whodunit scenario. If one can get past the initial loopy premise, there are enough twists and scares to keep lessdiscriminating viewers interested (provided they can stomach the numerous gore scenes); jaded horror fans need not apply, however, since they will surely detect parallels to the slightly superior psycho-thriller Schizoid and figure things out far ahead of the goofy surprise climax.

Blood Frenzy DVD is available as a deluxe edition with custom cover and dvd case. Important: This title is manufactured-on-demand from the best-quality video master currently available and has not been remastered or restored.