Adventures of Lucky Pierre DVD

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Adventures of Lucky Pierre DVD

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The Adventures of Lucky Pierre 1961 USA Herschell Gordon Lewis, William Kerwin, Lawrence J. Aberwood, Kay Montie, Billy Falbo



  • Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis
  • Starring Billy Falbo, Lawrence J. Aberwood, William Kerwin, Kay Montie
  • Written by David F. Friedman, Herschell Gordon Lewis

The Adventures of Lucky Pierre (1961) -- In the opening segment, a man (Lawrence Aberwood) appears and introuces this movie that has a "cast of thousands" and is a "pinnacle of acheivement" when two orderlies appear and drag him off in to his room which is in a psycho ward. In one office, a young Frenchman named Pierre (Billy Falbo) is seen talking to his psychiatrist. The psychiastrist is a woman, and Pierre sees her as quite nude. Pierre reveals all about his infatuation with women in which he sees all women in the nude. He reveals his adventures in minute detail when a series of segments begin which are Pierre's so-called "adventures" with his ability to see women in the nude.

In "Pardon My Pigment", Pierre is in a part painting two ladies which to him are fully bare-assed and the ignorance that he sees them naked.

In "The Plumber's Friend", Pierre calls over his plumber friend (Bill Kerwin) to fix his bathroom plumbing when the plumber's wife also shows up, and Pierre finds himself infatuated with the plumber's wife who also shows up. Pierre desperately tries to eradicate his problem, but spends more time watching the lady shower then take care of his leaky plumbing.

In "For the Birds", Pierre is back in the local park "chic watching" with a pair of binoculars a pair of the same ladies he painted earlier, but another woman, for whom he longs for, continues to elude him. He gets tired of watching the other nude ladies and goes after the other one, who evades him to him giving up trying to use his ability to see her in the nude. But after Pierre, defeated and dejected, leaves the park, the women shows all to the viewers.

In "The Photographer's Apprentice", Pierre is photographing a bevy of attractive ladies for his own personal gain and to view them more as they are.

In "Drive-In Me Crazy", Pierre visits a Chicago nudist colony where he pays his admission to a nude female ticket taker, parks his car, and begins watching a nudie-short film at the colony's open-air theater. Pierre orders a box of popcorn and one by one all of the female staff brings him a box and he buys every one of them.

The Adventures of Lucky Pierre DVD is offered as a compact edition. This transfer is manufactured on demand and is presented on premium DVD-R with thermal disc print in a clear plastic wallet. Important: This title has been manufactured from the best-quality video master (rated 9/10) currently available and has not been remastered or restored.